Come see me, and others, make fools of ourselves in the name of Chicago theatre (and other things)

A few updates:

Getting back in the swing: As you can see from my mini theatre calendar to the left of this post, I’ve got a full lineup over the next several days. Like most things in life, easing back into things is for sissies.

Theatre Wars! My fearless Chicago theatre compatriot, blogger and podcast host (and good friend) Katy Walsh asked me to join her and three other fine folks to participate in a late-night game show called Theatre Wars, described thusly:

“Sixteen of Chicago’s youngest, oldest, brightest, dumbest, edgiest and least edgy local theatre companies go head to head in a five-night tournament of Family Feud-style gaming, guessing, and kissing. Forget awards, reviews and ticket sales, this will decide which theatre companies matter!”

We are representing “the critics.” I’m sure there will be boos and jeers and booze and tears. And laughs. I hope? At any rate, I’m used to making a spectacle of myself in public. Actually I’m not. So, pray for me, I guess. And come see us — this Saturday night, August 18, at Strawdog Theatre starting at 11pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Oh, yeah. I done got married:


  1. Haven t made it out to to the theater in a long time.

  2. Good luck, Bob! This sounds like a lot of fun, but I’ll be at our opening night reception tonight.

    And congrats on the wedding too!! The photos are great!

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