Why I don’t watch ‘Glee’

I can’t tell you how many times my friends and family members have said, “Why don’t you watch ‘Glee?’ It should be right up your alley!”

First off, I’m one of those annoying people who don’t watch much T.V. (aside from every procedural crime drama known to man, thanks to my partner who lives for that stuff). The three episodes I have seen (including the very first episode, where I expressed my critiques of the show) have pretty much confirmed that it’s a hollow, High School Musical, auto-tuned desperation fest. Not even Jane Lynch, whom I adore, could balance out all the things that irritate me to no end. I mean, the auto-tuning in that show makes everyone sound like creepy robot singers. Where’s the soul? Why do people enjoy listening to that?

Also, if I already didn’t care for Lea Michele before, last night’s performance during Chris Colfer’s Golden Globes acceptance speech sealed the deal. (Pardon my outburst at the end. Warning: brief profanity):

Seriously, does the girl have no shame? Or any redeeming qualities? If she does, I’d like to hear them in this post’s comments.

Oh, and finally: it’s not a glee club — it’s a show choir.

(Finally, finally: an experiment — I wonder how many hits this blog post will get because I used the words Lea Michele, Glee, Chris Colfer and Golden Globes. I’m guessing 29.8 trillion. Hopefully.)


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