A future for Caroline, or Change?

Yes, I’m still thinking about this show. I might see it again this weekend – its closing weekend. (EDIT 10/22: No dice. It’s SOLD OUT for the remainder of the run. Anyone have tickets they want to give to me???)

However, I’m happy to read in the Tribune that The Court Theatre is considering an open-ended run of this production:

Court took an up-front gamble that “Caroline” would merit a six-week run instead of the usual five. That worked out nicely. And it’s now added a seventh—“Caroline” will run through Oct. 26. But it can’t add any more. Butler, the star of the show, is moving on to Center Stage, Baltimore, where she will be the star of another, entirely separate production of the very same show.

Obviously, Newell doesn’t want to re-cast that pivotal role, and thus his production has to close, even if it’s leaving money on the table.

For now, anyway. “I want this show to have a future life with E. Faye,” Newell says.

That appears like a good bet. People are coming from all over the place to check out “Caroline,” including local and national commercial producers. A downtown transfer in 2009 is a distinct possibility. And New York’s Lincoln Center has asked for a meeting with Newell, which he surely is happy to provide.

We can only hope! Change comes fast, and change comes slow.

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