My voting disaster

Arrived at the 22nd Precinct at 6:20 am. No line! I show them my “verification of registration” card and spell out my last name. This is a rundown of what happened next:

– Voting official tells me that I am not in their list.
– I ask what my options are; they’re not sure.
– After 5 minutes looking through their manual of what to do, they discovered I could vote provisionally.
– 3 minutes spent looking for the provisional ballot form.
– 2 minutes to fill out form.
– 3 minutes to determine what to do with form once filled out.
– 5 minutes getting my electronic card set up to vote via touch screen, since that was the ONLY way you can vote provisionally, they tell me.
– Go to touchscreen, insert card, card is invalid.
– I inform a voting official of my problem.
– 5 minutes figuring out what to do by voting official.
– 5 minutes searching for tech person to fix the problem, who might have gotten coffee? They’re not really sure where he/she went.
– 15 minutes of voting official on hold with tech hotline to get the touchscreen fixed.
– Touchscreen is fixed!
– 3 minutes to vote.
– 3 minutes to fill out post-voting survey.

When all was said and done, I spent over an hour at the voting place today.

The thing that burns my butt is the conversation I had with the precinct official following this ordeal. Turns out that even though I registered to vote under my current address nearly two months ago, and received my “verification of registration” card over two weeks ago, I still, technically, wasn’t registered. The precinct official said that this wasn’t surprising to him — due to the record numbers of people registering in the past two months, they just couldn’t get their records updated in time. !!!!!!!!!!

How many others who registered in the past two months experienced this? What a mess!

In addition, the chaos and disorganization that I observed while waiting to vote really made me realized how truly fucked the voting process is. It’s not surprising that things went wrong last time.

I’m glad I voted (and I hope my vote was registered properly), but hot damn, something needs to be done about this.

2 thoughts on “My voting disaster

  1. heard on CNN that other ppl are having the same probs. a cincinnati new reporter (who wrote rap songs about the candidates) reported he also had to cast a provisional ballot.

  2. What a horror story. Things like that simply should not happen in this country. It’s outrageous. I mean, do what it takes to get the records updated for gosh sakes!

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