This just in!

Helen Schneider approves of Obama!

Video evidence below.

Oh. For those that don’t know German, she feels the WORLD needs an “intelligent man” in the position of President.

Also, love the career montage at the beginning of this clip. From big-haired punk queen to croonin’ the classics!

2 thoughts on “This just in!

  1. Hey Bob! I ran into your mom while shopping yesterday, and she e-mailed me you site! How GRAND to hear of you and your happy life in Chicago!

    P.S. There’s much more to do in Alpena! TWO live theatres, THREE concert series, an art gallery, and YADA! We are a cultural heartbeat away from the white house!! Haha!

  2. Mrs. Witherbee! My favorite music teacher.

    Alpena is a great town. But it’s so easy to poke fun at. So I do. But it’s people like you and others who make Alpena the place that got me interested in theatre, music and the arts, and for that – I’m eternally grateful. I miss it! Hope to be back soon!

    I’m not sure what YADA is, but I’ll be sure to check it out! ;)

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