I think it’s time for some flying.

Corrupt politicians…

…economic downturn turning down even further…

…a “wintery mix” to greet us as we head out the door…

…my chronic headache…

…all call for a diversion.

May I present my most favoritist flying sequences from musicals?

First up: Peter Pan. While I wholly revere Mary Martin and greatly appreciate Sandy Duncan’s take on this beloved lost boy, Cathy Rigby owns my heart. I saw her in this role a few years ago during her “farewell tour”, and she made my soul leap with joy (if you can stomach it, read more about that here).

Added bonus! This video shows how the magic happens. OMG SPOILER! Rigby can’t actually fly. Sorry.

From the flop West End musical, “The Witches of Eastwick.” I saw this the summer of 2000, and nothing makes me happier than seeing two West End divas (the woefully underused Joanna Riding and the idiosyncratic Maria Friedman) and one spawn of a comedy legend (Lucie Arnaz) fly over my head in this fun act one finale.

“Mary Poppins” the musical – final scene. Though I have not seen this show yet, I plan to when the tour pop(pins!) in. You have to skip ahead to 2:50ish to see the actual flying. (As you might have read, flying with umbrellas has been a life-long goal of mine.)

Karen Morrow – “I Had a Ball.”

Click here to watch.

Wasn’t that lovely? Actually, there is no flying in this clip. Oops. But I just love this number and Karen’s performance in it.

Please note, I have not posted anything from “Wicked”.

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