Kari told me to

It’s a snow day! In celebration, let’s revisit days of yore.

My senior photo, circa 1998.


I can’t tell you how hard I worked at getting that wave in my hair just right. In fact, I think my mom made an appointment with Marsha, her hair lady, to master that wave. And that sweater manages to find new ways to use brown. I think my eyebrows were longer back then, too?

Why am I posting this? Because Kari told me to.

And it’s for a very good cause:

From writer Tayari Jones, in support of Girls Write Now, a creative writing and mentoring organization for high school girls:

This won’t come as a surprise, but changing the world costs money. If you can send a donation to GWN, let me know and I’ll match you, dollar for dollar. I know money is tight this year, so here is another way you can participate. If you send me a photo of the teenage you, I’ll give $5 to GWN. If you post it on your blog and spread the word about this amazing organization, I’ll give $10.

So, bloggers – do the same! It doesn’t cost a dime! (However, it might cost you a few hits to your ego. But I think we can spare ego credits during these troublesome economic times – and for such a good cause, no less.)

5 thoughts on “Kari told me to

  1. Look at you! So young and sweet in your nice little Michigan sweater and curls … You need to email this to Tayari Jones (email link is above) — include your photo & a link to your post.

    Ego be damned!

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