Of Christmases long, long ago

It might have snowed (snown?) so much this week that I had to get on the roof and shovel it off this morning. And I might have almost gotten clobbered in the head with a block of falling ice as large as a microwave. And I might have gotten trapped in a parking lot because I couldn’t find the exit due to the 20 foot (literally) snow piles blocking me in. But that’s northern Michigan for you!

A few photos I pulled out of the dusty album today:

LOVE the Cookie Monster slippers. And the plastic tree.

My sister and I with our snowdisc. Note my Alpena hockey badge on my coat.

Clearly, not Christmas. But I like this picture. I think I was pouting/crying on the swing in our back yard, and my mom thought “PHOTO OP!” Aw, mom. Catering to my budding dramatic tendencies.

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