My mom made we watch “Out of Africa”

…and I enjoyed it. Much like “The Godfather” films, it’s one of those movies that has been on my list for years.

I mean, for a two hour 40 minute movie, not much really happened. Meryl Streep was accented and actressy, Robert Redford was dusty and blond (much like yours truly), and John Barry stuck to his French Horns and strings.

But Karen Blixen‘s life was extraordinary, daring and heartbreaking. And I enjoy that sort of thing. Again, IMDB provides some great insight:

Sydney Pollack initially never considered Meryl Streep for the role of Karen Blixen as he figured she wasn’t sexy enough. Streep landed the part by showing up for her meeting with the director wearing a low-cut blouse and a push-up bra.

When Robert Redford signed on to play Denys Finch Hatton, he did so fully intending to play him as an Englishman. This was later nixed by director Sydney Pollack who felt it would prove too distracting for audiences, hearing Redford come out with an English accent. In fact, Redford had to redub some of his line readings from early takes in the filming where he still sported a trace of English accent.

There’s a scene in the movie where Meryl Streep’s character, Karen Blixen, is traveling across dangerous terrain in Kenya to bring supply wagons to her husband’s regiment. During the night, a lion attacks one of the oxen and Karen tries to fight it off with a whip. Streep was assured that the lion actor would be tethered by one of his back legs so he couldn’t get too close. But when they actually shot the scene, the lion had no restraint. The camera captured genuine fear on Streep’s face when the lion got closer than she anticipated.

2 thoughts on “My mom made we watch “Out of Africa”

  1. It’s one of my favorite movies and I’ve watched it 100 times at least. I love the soundtrack as well. My favorite scene is when Redford is washing Streep’s hair – soooo sexy.

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