Xanadu @ Drury Lane Water Tower

What a FUN show. Really – I had a great time at Xanadu! Onstage seating was just a blast. At first I was nervous – so many rules to follow (and no playbills until after the show!). I do, however, want to see the show again from the other side, mostly due to the inability to hear some of the dialog. We had little speakers in our seats, but they didn’t seem to be working.

Elizabeth Stanley as Kira/Clio/Olivia Newton John was perfection. She’s vastly different from Kerry Butler, who originated the role on Broadway. Where Kerry is petite and nasal, Elizabeth is robust and sexy. She’s a stunning leading lady. I really enjoyed her performance.

Likewise, Max Von Essen was the opposite of Cheyenne Jackson. However, where Cheyenne is robust and sexy, Von Essen is petite and nasal. But still effective. (And cute – let’s not lie.)

Sharon Wilkins and Joanna Glushak were the evil Muses. Glushank did her best Jackie Hoffman impersonation (but with a better singing voice), and Sharon Wilkins was SASSY. She blew me a few kisses, shared her popcorn with me, shook my hand, and squeezed her boobs at me. Yes – it’s THAT kind of show.

The chorus of four (five?) was tight, playing multiple roles on roller skates!

Oh, and my glowstick may have rolled out onto the stage at one point, which prompted me to make my Drury Lane theatrical debut. Oh my Christ.

Really, for a second preview, the show is in great shape, and I laughed a lot. I’m definitely seeing this again. I hope it finds an audience.

Watch an NBC 5 clip on the Chicago production of Xanadu.


Elizabeth Stanley leads the cast of Xanadu.

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