Sometimes I wonder about myself

Example a)

While I have “Miss America: Countdown to the Crown” and “American Idol” set as a series DVR, I do not have “Great Performances at the Met” set. Yesterday, just by happenstance, I stumbled upon the last hour of Salome, starring someone named Karita Mattila.

(For all you opera buffs who are shaking your collective heads at this moment, hear this: what I know about opera is probably equitable to what my dog knows about the original “Star Wars” trilogy. Which, incidentally, probably isn’t much less than what I know, as evidenced by my reaction to this clip my sister sent me. As far as I’m concerned, this girl pretty much covered it.)

So, while I knew that Salome danced the dance of the seven veils (which I missed), and then kissed some guy’s head on a silver tray (She kisses his mouth, it’s a great screen play!!), I didn’t know what a compelling opera it was.

Karita Mattila’s performance was probably one of the most powerful things I’ve seen in recent memory. At the end, she was tear stained, sweaty, and covered in blood – and still hitting those high Cs! And all in HD!

Example b)

I’ve yet to see “Doubt” or “Milk” or any other singleword-titled and/or award-nominated movie this year. But I have seen almost every complimentary FearNet movie available through Comcast. “Midnight Meat Train”, anybody?

Example c)

I might have dined at Cheesecake Factory this weekend…and enjoyed it?


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