Patti LuPone almost broke my new BlackBerry

I have a rental car this week (long story) that has a digital audio port. So, I connected my new BlackBerry to the port and played the tunes I had loaded on it. As LuPone was belting out “As Long as He Needs Me” from the out-of-print “Hey, Mr. Producer!” album, the phone shut itself off right at the moment she hit her money note. It wouldn’t turn on again until I took the battery out and put it back in. And even then, it took a good five minutes for it to get up and functioning again.

I wonder if my warrenty covers damage due to belting?

And this is my last LuPone blog post for a while. Even I’m getting annoyed with myself.

2 thoughts on “Patti LuPone almost broke my new BlackBerry

  1. Is this your first blackberry? I recently got mine and found out from another user that you need to do a hard reboot of it every now and then by taking out the battery for a few seconds and the replacing it. I thought that having to do that is a bunch of crap and that RIM should be making a better product. Odd I should write that because I don’t think I can ever go back to a regular phone. I now know how they can be addictive.

  2. This is my second bberry. Upgraded from a Pearl to a Curve. I was hoping the hard reboot things was just a fluke, but I guess not. Dammit.

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