Those crazy birds

tippiKari over at persistent cookie got me thinking about birds.

Birds and I don’t really get along. Recently, I parked my car under a tree, and The Birds made such a mess on it overnight it took two car washes and a hand scrub to get it all off. I was late for work. I literally could not see out my front window it was so covered in ew.

When I studied in Germany, a pigeon flew right into my face on my way to class giving me a scar on my forehead.

However, my mom’s legendary experience with birds tops the cake.

Mom’s been an ER nurse for decades. And, with any job as stressful as an ER nurse, her and her colleagues find ways to lighten the mood. In my mom’s case, practical jokes are a regular occurrence.

In my mom’s locker, she always kept an extra pair of underwear. “You just never know!” she always said – and still says to this day. Her fellow nurses got such a kick out of her emergency underwear, that they would take them out of her locker and hide them. It became an inside joke of the ER. So, it wasn’t a surprise to her when she opened her locker one evening to find her underwear missing. Upon confronting the other nurses, they laughed and pointed to the parking lot, specifically to her car. She went out to her car, and saw Vaseline smeared all over her front window.

Confused, she came back in, and told them what she saw. They were equally confused, as they had put her extra underwear on her windshield, under a wiper blade, filled it with Vaseline , and inserted a pickle (?). But all that was left was the Vaseline – all over her window.

And then someone pointed in the sky: there her bloomers were, being tossed around 20 feet above by a bunch of dirty seagulls.

Apparently, mom laughed so hard, she really could have benefited from her “just-in-case” panties.

One thought on “Those crazy birds

  1. Birds totally creep me out too. I would never go into the Avian house (or whatever they’re called) at the zoo when I was a kid (and I still don’t actually) because I was afraid one would dive bomb me…

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