My new addiction

While watching “The Soup” this weekend On-Demand, Joel McHale presented a few clips from the new LOGO reality show, “Rupaul’s Drag Race.”

What a brilliant idea for a reality show! And why hadn’t it been done before!

Thanks to the miracle of On-Demand, I discovered that the latest three episodes were available for viewing, and that’s exactly what Gator and I did last night.

I particularly love that RuPaul combines the drama of “Top Model”, where he out-diva’s Tyra as runway judge, with the creativity of “Project Runway”, where he dons a pin-stripe suit, dolling out Gunn-like fatherly advise to the queens as they make new gowns out of thrift store materials.

All the queens, which RuPaul calls “dolls,” are pretty good. I’m sad that Tammie Brown was booted out so early. She was very vintage and unique. Snooty Shannel finally was put in her place, after falling to the bottom two and forced to “lip Sync for her life!”

I’m surprised there isn’t more backstage bitchiness so far. I mean, there is a degree of drama, but it seems more for show. However, these are all professionals who’ve probably each been through a lot, and at the end of the day, they’ve got a show to do baby.

Side rant about Logo: We rarely watch Logo, and after “Drag Race”, we decided to try out a few other Logo shows. I was pretty disgusted by what I saw. One show, “Rick & Steve”, particularly annoyed me. Trying too hard to be like “South Park,” “Rick & Steve” is a cartoon-like show with characters played by little Lego people. What I got out of this show, along with 30 min of “Noah’s Arc”, is that gay men should: do drugs, drink a lot, hate woman and “breeders”, avoid monogamy, and never age. I felt more offended watching two hours of Logo than watching years of “non-gay” programming. What a joke.

5 thoughts on “My new addiction

  1. I haven’t watched DRAG RACE yet, but I completely agree with you about RICK & STEVE. I didn’t find anything the show funny at all. I found it mean spirited and it was, as you said, trying too hard to be SOUTH PARK.

    It isn’t. At all. Hell, when SOUTH PARK deals with gay and lesbian topics, those writers make fun in a non-hateful way AND they’re funny. Imagine.

  2. I think you’d love Drag Race. The best moment is when they are told that they have to create a persona in the spirit of Oprah, one queen misunderstands the challenge, and starts going into black face, thinking it was a impersonation challenge. Oops!

  3. […] Is anyone actually following it this year? I’ve watched about 10 minutes so far. Danny Gokey, while cute, is a one-trick pony. The others sound like shit and seem to have the personality of a sleeping pill. I do like the new judge lady. She always has something logical to say. That said, I’m not wasting my time. I have more important things to do. […]

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