I watched RENT for the first time ever

Not the movie version, but the LIVE ON BROADWAY version (in HD!)

I hated it. Virtually every second of it.

Ok, I lied. I watched 1.5 hours of RENT. There’s still other 1.5 hours to go. But the Oscars called.

I bought the cast album of RENT as soon as it came out in 96. And I gave it away a week later. I just couldn’t get into it.

I’ve avoided it ever since. Finally, last night, I threw caution to the wind and ordered an On-Demand performance in my living room for $10.

What I saw were overly toned actors with perfect smiles, fancy haircuts and blinding white teeth, whining about how evil “the man” is for pissing on their Bohemian lifestyles. And all I could think is, “Get a job, stop complaining, and pay your rent. That’s life. Do your art thing on the side. And if you chose to play your guitar or film your shitty movie or take drugs rather than pay your rent, don’t complain about being homeless. Because that’s your own damn fault. Squatters.”

It also didn’t help that every line uttered by the smiley cast was treated like a mini rock concert.

Perhaps I’ll choke down the remaining $5 later this week.

That said, I’d prefer RENT over another edition of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL any day.

I’m sorry, Hugh Jackman: The musical is pretty much dead these days.

2 thoughts on “I watched RENT for the first time ever

  1. Interesting. I thought the stories of people coping with HIV/AIDS were poignant but I had some of the same reaction you did to the characters who were not sick – like Mark and Maureen. I kind of agree with you about get a job and stop complaining. I mean, what gives them the right to squat in this building without paying rent? It’s like they were slumming in this poor neighborhood. But I do love the first act closing/second act opening numbers. And I guess you kind of have to accept the conceit: it’s about starving artists.

  2. I’m having a hard time determining if my issue was with the characters or these actors. None of them seem original or interesting. They all come across as shallow brats.

    I get the concept that it’s La bohème, but I was still annoyed. Grrr!

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