A little kindness, please

Sometimes the simplest things can have the largest impact.

This weekend, someone sent my boss a quick note about the great job I was doing on a project. She forwarded that note to me and said, “nice going.”

While this probably took about 30 seconds of their time, it was a very nice surprise, and it carried me through this work week.

So, I ask: Why is it that we delay in saying “thank you,” or “good job!” or “you’re awesome!” at work? It takes no time at all, and the payoff is very well worth it. So, this is my mission: To recognize the hard work of others and let them know it’s appreciated.

That’s all.

2 thoughts on “A little kindness, please

  1. I totally believe in praising people at work! I am a puppy and I thrive on praise. A couple of years ago i worked for this jerk who was quick to criticize and extremely slow to compliment. I ended up feeling like crap every day and I thought “this is a good example of how NOT to manage employees”

    Also learned this from years of working gardening-retail… it sounds stupid.. but – smiles are contagious!!!!!!

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