I’m so friggin excited to see this

Who has HBO? I NEED to see this. Barrymore looks and sounds fantastic. As does Lange.

In other news, Xanadu is closing in Chicago at the end of the month. Dammit. We never get nice things.

5 thoughts on “I’m so friggin excited to see this

  1. I think what also freaks me out is how much Barrymore looks not only like little Edie, but ALSO like Ebersole as Little Edie. Barrymore and Ebersole have similar features.

  2. You can do like I did for “John Adams” was on HBO – I just subscribed for the month and they were running a promo for a free month so I by the time I cancelled the subscription, I didn’t pay anything.

  3. I finally gave up HBO because all of their original programming comes out on DVD so quickly anyway. So I just put it in my Netflix queue and wait a few months. Plus, I’m at the point where I’d rather watch a season of a tv series all at once on dvd rather than one episode at a time.

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