Don’t Dress For Dinner @ Royal George Theatre


Who doesn’t love a farce? Especially a French farce with British accents and randy men and stuffy wives and cleavage-heaving mistresses and the dowdy character actress who literally transforms before your eyes?

(Incidentally, this French play was infinitely better than that other French play I saw not long ago across the street at Steppenwolf.)

Don’t Dress for Dinner was a brisk two hours and ten minutes of fluff and laughter. This type of play I’m sure must be the hardest for an actor – all that timing and running and spilling and slapping and eye-popping. And they all made it look so easy. Great ensemble cast. However, I must call out Spencer Kayden as Suzette, the frumpy cook who handsomely benefits from the evening’s proceedings. She walked off with the show, as far as I’m concerned. In fact, here’s a little youtube gem I found of her on the set of the show:

See? She crazy. Love it.

Rumor is, the show will transfer to Broadway this year.  If you liked Boeing Boeing, I’m sure you’d enjoy this, too.

One thought on “Don’t Dress For Dinner @ Royal George Theatre

  1. I’ve seen this production twice–and blogged about it myself. Wonderful cast–especially the fabulous Spencer Kayden, who steals the show with her hilarious performance–and the play is such fun.

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