Upcoming Theater-y things…

Just so I can feel there’s something to look forward to…


Don’t Dress for Dinner: I hear it’s a comedy. Possibly transferring to bway? And laughing is always is a good thing, right? So they say.

Maybe this weekend:

Into the Woods: Quest Ensemble is doing a production of this favorite Sondheim work just down the street from me. And it’s free! And it’s starring Harmony France as the witch, who is a one of a new generation of belty female actresses in Chicago. So why the maybe? It’s sold out, and you have to go on a waiting list.

April 4:

The Dastardly Ficus, and Other Comedic Tales of Woe and Misery: This is all Jamie’s doing. She has the pulse on what’s hot in Chicagoland theatre, and I just buy the tickets and show up. She tells me that The Strange Tree Group, who’s producing this, has a long-standing reputation and a cult-like following. It looks Tim Burtonesque, so I’m there. And I’m excited. Also, I’ve always wanted to join a cult.

Something mid-Aprilish?

Not sure. I’m gunning for Mary Poppins or Pacific Overtures.

April 25:

Patti LuPone in Naperville. Naperville? Yup, Naperville. This will be my first time seeing her live and in person since July 2007, so it’s a Big Deal. And I have front row seats. Too bad she’s doing the same show, Coulda Woulda Shoulda, that I’ve seen about 1,635 times before. But I take what she gives us.

May 24:

Legally Blonde! Jamie’s belated B-day present. I can’t wait! Bend and snap, bitches.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Theater-y things…

  1. Ooh, sounds like a great line up. I can’t wait to (hopefully) read your Into the Woods critique.

    We’re seeing Hairspray tomorrow night. It’s only in town for THREE DAYS. (sigh.) Oh, Des Moines.

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