Painting and Coraline in 3D

Not necessarily in that order.

First off: Coraline in 3D was wondrous. Such artistry and craft. I loved every minute of it. The 3D effects were cool, but not jarring. Subtle, if you will. And I love children’s tales that are basically dark morality lessons. (Shockheaded Peter, anyone?) For children: Mind your parents or risk getting buttons sewn in your eyes. For parents: Pay attention to your children, or get trapped in a snow globe. It’s your choice, really.

Sunday was spent painting Gator’s friend’s new fourth-floor loft. Since I’m strange and love painting (I’ll gladly paint your place in exchange for beer and pizza), I was happy to do so. But this place presented a distinct challenge — with its 15 foot high ceilings and light paint over a dark burgundy. Many coats and many trips up and down a rickety ladder. But we did it!


Meanwhile, the view from their new place. Jealous much?


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