Bob’s running playlist

I’m always in search of good running songs. I used to be a big ol’ showmo who worked out only to show tunes. In reality, that really doesn’t work since rarely does a show tune have a steady beat you can run to, and if it does, it’s often interrupted by dialog or some strange intro which screws up your energy. And then there was that day that I found myself running to “Night Waltz” from A Little Night Music, where I realized that I had to take control of my running playlist ASAP. (However, I do have plans to create a series of edited exercise tracks of show tunes for a few friends. Yes, I’m more than just a pretty face – brilliant AND giving.)

So, my favorite running/workout tunes include:

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) – Mika
Shake It – Metro Station
Pump It – Black Eyed Peas
Jealous of My Boogie – RuPaul
Faster Kill Pussycat – Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy
Here It Goes Again – OK Go!
Playboy/Playgirl – Pizzicato Five
Rio – Duran Duran
Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
Womanizer – Britney Spears

And then the musical theatre geek seeps out:

So Much Better – Legally Blonde (yup)
Superman – Patti LuPone at Les Mouches
Heaven is a Disco – Patti LuPone at Les Mouches
I Go To Rio – The Boy From Oz
I’m Alive – Xanadu
In – from the flop musical Carrie

Just a sample! What tunes do you run to?

5 thoughts on “Bob’s running playlist

  1. I could definitely use an all-show tunes walking playlist for the treadmill. I listen to a lot of podcasts, which my more exercise-savvy friends tell me are totally inadequate for getting my heart rate up.

    Btw, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’ve returned the favor.

  2. Hmmm… you have a lot of the same ones as me already. ok- I’m dating myself, but I like the Violent Femmes… “Kiss Off”

  3. Great banana pic!
    I want to make up a musical theater playlist too…I’ll have to look at what I run to.

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