Bebe Zahara Benet (and Jade) @ Roscoe’s

Only a few rare things can drag me out on a work night in the cold rain to a crowded gay bar to have some guy’s shoulder jabbed in my back for 30 minutes, another guy pouring beer down the back of my shirt, and another queen screaming in my ear.

And one of those things would be seeing pseudo-celebrity drag queens dance on a stage the size of a postage stamp.

First a rant: Roscoe’s is one of the worst gay bars I’ve ever been to. Last night confirmed this. The severely understaffed bar staff is snotty (and for good reason, I suppose), the layout is strange and always cramped, and it’s just one airless hallway after another connecting a collection of cramped spaces. And from my experience, the people who go there all seem so pushy and angry.


Sarah, Beth and I saw Miss Bebe Zahara Benet, RuPaul’s Drag Race champion, do her thang just a few short weeks after winning her title. (Oh, and Jade was there, as well.) Miss Frida Lay kept things moving. The show started relatively on time and Bebe (and Jade) seemed genuinely touched by the crowd’s support. We all love them. They knew it. We knew it. I’ve attempted to capture the love fest the best way I know how: grainy pictures and shaky youtube videos.

Bebe greets her legions of fans:


And then Jade. Girl certainly moves a lot when she performs…



…however, it was just didn’t do much for me…


…Or these folks either:


Bebe, Jade and Frida Lay take a final bow:


And finally, Bebe’s performance. Shirley Bassey, baby! (Holding a camera over your head is a lot harder than you might think!)

Oh, and finally, finally…Bebe shares some touching words about “following your passion” or something. While Frida Lay shows off her guns:



One thought on “Bebe Zahara Benet (and Jade) @ Roscoe’s

  1. yay. love the pics. i really wished that you and beth were the only ones who watched the show…may have been more incentive to stay. (couldn’t handles the pushy boys :))

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