Friends and feasts

I hope your Easter weekend was lovely.

I think I ate so much, I could just continue to digest all the food in my system and remain nourished through Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday we went to Lissa and Maher’s, where we met Lissa’s very sweet mom. They made us dinner, which included lamb chops for an appetizer, hummus, pita bread, a salad, cosmos, asparagus, grilled portobello mushrooms and a steak! Wowza.


We then worked it off with beer and bowling. Also a little guitar hero, which I’m sorta tragic at.

Oh, almost forgot: post bowling, we came back to their place and ate a tart.

Yesterday, we lay around like fatted pigs ready for the slaughter until it was time to be fed, yet again. This time by Beth and Sarah, who gave us noodel kugel (nudlkugl, as I would like to call it from hereonout), garlic mashed potatoes, blanched green beans, and a slow-roasted brisket!

I forgot to get a picture of that meal, but I did capture our dessert spread:



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