All roads lead back to Helen Lawson

Today, during a lull, Jamie, Beth, Brent and myself all discussed (though not at the same time or necessarily with each other) my life being made into a movie, which was all inspired by the preview for “Julie and Julia,” (thanks Esther!) a movie that was inspired by some woman’s blog who was inspired by Julia Child’s life and recipes.

Following me?

Naturally, I want a major motion picture about my life, inspired by my blog. And since Beth is a producer and Jamie is a director and Brent is a singer/dancer/actor, we had all the pawns in place to turn this concept into a green-light-Oscar-winning-Sundance-festival-honoree-$$$-garnering-camp-classic-in-the-making-lay-them-in-the-aisles- indie-hit, baby!

Then somehow, in a creative burst, we decided I needed a workout/career montage — like Neely O’Hara’s. I even want to use the same music.

Anyway. My third post ever on this here blog was VOD-related. (Please note I was five years dumber when I wrote that post).

All roads lead back to Helen Lawson, it seems

And now, one of those classic scenes.

It’s Friday. Please.

One thought on “All roads lead back to Helen Lawson

  1. Bobby Baby. You need to see more Susan Hayward movies to really love her. She always played the woman who went though everything but still tough as nails. If you get a chance check out I’ll Cry Tomorrow (drunken singer), With a Song in My Heart (crippled singer), Smash-Up the Story of a Woman (again drunken singer), and the best of the best I Want to Live. She beat Roz Russell in Auntie Mame for the Oscar for that one.

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