Two Must-Sees

Stop what you’re doing right this minute and watch this trailer for Nine (not to be confused with the Tim Burton movie, 9)

How glorious is THAT? Rob Marshall seems to have done it again.

I appreciate that they don’t pretend it’s not a musical by using generic underscoring matched with closeups of the A-list cast.

Instead, Fergie (yes, Fergie!) is unabashedly belting (yes, belting!) “Be Italian,” and woman are dancing and sliding down sheets and kicking with fringe. It all reeks of high style, drama and glamor.

Oh yeah. I’ll be there opening day to see this. No doubt.

Speaking of pop stars proving their mettle in the movies, check out this trailer for Precious. Warning: it’s intense stuff:


Yes, that’s Mariah Carey as a school counselor. Also, Mo’nique as mother. Newcomer Gabourey Sidibe looks heartbreaking as Precious.

2 thoughts on “Two Must-Sees

  1. I will be at your side, darling. Can not wait. I love that they’re including the tambourine-ography of ‘Be Italian.’ I am SO there.

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