Glee: Not my cup of tea

If the pilot episode is any indication of the series, Glee isn’t living up to my expectations. It’s a scattered mess, with too many competing tones and quick cuts and comedy styles vying for my attention. Also, too much plot crammed into one hour, as if they feared the season would last only 1.5 episodes.

Jane Lynch delivered the only true laugh-out-loud moments in her trademark deadpan-meets-smug style:

  • “You think life’s hard? I’m living with Hepatitis!”
  • “I have a phoner. That’s a media call. On the phone. I’ll probably use my iPhone.”
  • Her bit with the wheat germ shaker.

And Matthew Morrison is an appealing leading guy. Although he has “oldmanface”. I’ve coined this phrase — just now. You know what I mean? You can tell now what he’ll look like when he’s 80.

Looking at Glee creator Ryan Murphy‘s credits, he was also responsible for one of the other great disappointments in my life: The movie adaptation of Auguston Burrows’ Running with Scissors. I also never understood the appeal of Nip/Tuck.

That said, I’ll give it two more episodes to get up on its feet — a major sign of dedication for me when it comes to a television series. (Or anything, for that matter.) I really want Glee to succeed.


5 thoughts on “Glee: Not my cup of tea

  1. I liked it, but I agree with you – there was way too much crammed into the first episode, and I was wondering how it will sustain itself as a series after that – seems like it could even be a movie, you know? The Glee geeks get good, win state, teacher man dumps annoying wife and ends up with the little germophobe lady…

  2. Like I said, I really want it to succeed. At has all the right ingredients, but they aren’t meshing just yet…

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