Jamie and Bob go “Blonde”

Saturday it was back to Legally Blonde. This time, for Jamie’s super-belated birthday gift. (I bought the tickets months ago, before Broadway In Chicago invited me to the press opening.)

Even though we had nosebleed seats behind three girls with the BIGGEST HAIR EVER and a disappointing understudy on for one of the main roles, we still had a great time, as Jamie always makes things fun.


And — oh-my-god-you-guys! — I’ve never noticed this before: Elle might secretly be an alien? Note the strangely mushed head and –what is that — seven fingers on one hand?




One thought on “Jamie and Bob go “Blonde”

  1. Yay! I had a wonderful time even though we didn’t get to sheer the sheep-headed teens in front of us. Re: this program. You should submit it to Photoshop Disasters. I can’t believe they took someone as lovely as LBB and smushed her – and made her hands look all wonky!

    Becky Gulsvig for the win~!

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