“Legally Blonde” cast performing at Sidetrack

Thanks to Jamie‘s cunning internet-searching skills, eagle-eye and questionable taste, she found some blog maintained by a cast member from the Legally Blonde tour, and pointed me to this hot-pink item:

Lastly, I want you all to know that we are doing a Cabaret while we are in Chicago. It will be at SIDETRACKS on Monday June 1st. It will benefit both BCEFA and a local charity ( which I don’t know the name of). So, wait for more details on that!!!! I think tickets will be $20 and feature most of the cast!!!!!

Sidetrack’s web site confirms this. (Tickets will actually be $25 and proceeds benefit Chicago House and BCEFA.)

I urge everyone to go on Monday, June 1, from 6 – 9:00 pm. Sadly, I won’t be there — I’ll be on vacation all next week. So take plenty of pictures and make me insanely jealous! It’s fine!

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