Greetings from Central Lake, MI

I’m blogging from my bberry! My coolfactor is either skyrocketing or plummeting, depending on your definition of cool divided by your appreciation of handheld devices. It’s an adventure up here, full of sweat, tears and Labatts. In just under 24 hours, I’ve:

* killed a killer, crunchy wolf spider;
* went kayaking, and am awesome at it;
* attempted to fish;
* took pictures of bats, thinking they were friendly birds;
* took pictures of soaring eagles, to discover they were actually circling vultures (omg we’re gonna die!); and * discovered a hidden toilet.

More to come, as we’ll be here 7 more days. Follow me on twitter? You totally should. Now, off to kayak.

The view from our back deck of Hanley Lake:

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