On being a new freelance theatre reviewer

This gig for edgechicago.com is shaping up to be pretty great. Free tickets, a chance to share my views on theatre with a yet-to-be-determined reader base, and did I mention the free tickets?

The shows I’ve seen so far have been fantastic, so my reviews have been more of a celebration of theatre than a critique so far. I’m a fan of theatre, and only would give a bad review if I felt like my time was being wasted.

Also: who the hell am I? Just some shmo who likes shows. However, I think I ryte good and I’m incredibly punctual and can meet a deadline. However, it’s a little disconcerting that my opinions are out there for others to judge and analyze. gah!

Another thing I’ve learned is the glory of the press packet. Only one group so far, The Writers’ Theatre, had their shit together with a press packet attached with my ticket. The other two I had to ask for a packet, with a blank face staring back in response.

Apple Tree Theatre Press Packet: A press release, playbill, information on upcoming events and the season, and a CD of high-res press photos. Grade: B+

Writers’ Theatre Press Packet: They win scores for their aforementioned keen organizational skills. However, their press release had some unfortunate typos in it, and no photos. Grade: C+

Marriott Theatre Press Packet: I had to ask the grumpy box office lady for a press packet, and when I did get it, she grunted and gave me one…for the wrong show. However, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since there was nothing of substance in it. Grade: F-

Let’s hope EDGE keeps me around.

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