Shut up, Patti LuPone

This “response” by LuPone to this blog post by Dave Itzkoff is just…retarded.

Coming from someone who has direct experience in being yelled at for blog posts, I would like to tell Patti LuPone that she’s quickly becoming a punchline; a cautionary tale; a cliche. The Broadway diva who lays into theatregoers for rude behavior! And now…she’s taking those to task who report on her Diva-like behavior. A virtual finger pointing, if you will. When will it stop?

Furthermore, I fail to see how Itzkoff’s blog post on the Vegas incident was in any way snide.

(Just you watch Patti blow a gasket when she learns that her personal letter to Mr. Itzkoff was posted on his blog.)

Patti: Do you think you live a in a vacuum? Your Diva behavior is gaining a reputation — fast. And, I can’t help but think you enjoy this bizarre attention.

I want to make it clear that I don’t disagree with your argument that today’s audiences are getting ruder by the day. I’ve witnessed some pretty horrid behavior, myself. However, I don’t agree with how you handle it. Let stage management take care of the rude audience members. If you have a problem with how house staff is handling it, take it up with the management to be more diligent — don’t disrupt the show.

And should you decide to stop the show to yell at some idiot for taking pictures or whatever, don’t be surprised if someone reports on it.

LuPone: Indignant

5 thoughts on “Shut up, Patti LuPone

  1. Haha. Kind of funny how you, Stacey, and I, 3 people who loved her the most, have been forced to change our view. I think audiences can be rude, but seriously, actors can’t just be stopping shows to go off on someone every time they’re texting! Every show would be stopped after a while! It’s not the performer’s job to police the audience, it’s security’s. And as to her response to the blog – you know, most of us never live to have the hundreds of yes-men she has to shower approval on her all the time. She could kill the President and some of these people would still be applauding her! But a minority of people disagree with her – and not without some basis for it – and she just can’t live with the fact that it can be depressing to be disagreed with. I find that her actions themselves don’t bother me one way or the other – in fact I’d love to have been there to witness one of these displays – but what does bother me is the shower of approval that follows her wherever she goes. She’s a better performer than most of us – not a better person. Her talent is exceptional, but that doesn’t mean her view of things is always right just because it’s hers. It is possible that even Patti LuPone doesn’t have all the facts of any given situation. And shouting out online how much you agree with her doesn’t make you more superior and more “in her club.”

  2. Good points, Maile.

    People are sending me links to Marc Shaiman’s response to Patti’s response. Guess what? Patti pays him to write her shows – of COURSE he’s going to publicly agree with her.

    And notice how LuPone has never ONCE confirmed nor denied (please let me know if she has!) that the person she famously berated at that penultimate Gypsy performance was actually a sanctioned reporter.

  3. bobert and maile, i love u lol

    and its getting to the point where id put money on the fact that she pays someone to sit in the audience now just to yell at them and get press.

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