Pride, etc.

Yes, I’m behind a few days. I’m aware of this.

Pride was a whole lotta fun. Many incriminating pictures and public drinking and a horrid sunburn to keep the memories fresh in my mind.

A few highlights:

* Catching the former teen idol Debbie Deborah Gibson at Pride Fest. I caught her last two numbers, and as Jamie’s texts to me confirmed, she will now be known as “Desperate Debbie.” She’s so exhausting in her need to be loved and admired! Read Jamie’s account of the “concert” here.

* Visiting the new dance club Cattle Call just blocks (BLOCKS!) from our place. It’s very nice, if a bit bland. Beautiful wood floors, though (which’ll be in tatters in a few months, mark my words.)

* Running into Sarah and Beth randomly at the beach and “sunbathing.”

* Blackberry Blisscakes at m.henry:


* Seeing friends and having a wonderful time on a lovely, sunny Sunday at the parade.

* My lovely surprise upon seeing Steven (the “other Chicago-area LuPone fan” — and a dear, dear friend of mine) on the BC/BS float. True to form, he was doing his best EVITA pose — \o/ — the entire route, making him the gayest gay that ever gayed a gay:


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