Stolen wallet

My wallet was stolen tonight — stolen from my gym bag which was locked in my gym locker. Strange thing is the lock was not even tampered with.

When I found out, I was so mad and upset, I was shaking. I’m still shaking I’m so pissed!

Long story short, there were a few people this evening who had their wallets (and phones — but luckily I had my bberry on my person) this evening. We filed a police report. And the officer revealed this was a common — nearly weekly — occurrence at this particular Bally Total Fitness (on Waukegan and Lake Cook in Deerfield, IL.). He said it’s very easy to pick into the tumbler/dial locks — so easy it’s almost worthless to use them.  (I just looked at a video on youtube. Yeah, it’s scary easy.)

So I have to get a new license tomorrow on my lunch break. And I have no access to money, aside from the $50 I have in coins, which I just went to Jewel and cashed out so I could buy gas to get to work tomorrow.

Oh, and in the hour or so they had access to my cards, the fuckers spent over $200 at Abercrombie & Fitch! Gross!


So watch your pockets. This is the second time in a few months that money was stolen from me. The thieves are getting very, very crafty. I’m better off stuffing my money in a mattress.

6 thoughts on “Stolen wallet

  1. Bob,

    I’m so sorry In this type of situation you almost feel violated! Also, it’s such an inconvenience! I guess when the dust settles, and you can think clearly, perhaps you can figure out some good that came from this situation. At least you had your BB with you, they “ONLY” spent $200 on your card, you got an opportunity to warn a lot of other unsuspecting souls, etc.

    Take care!


    Aunt Donna

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