Five rules for the gym

1) In my world, there is no such thing as “working in a set.” When I am using a piece of equipment, don’t come lurching around me, forcing me to remove my earbuds to ask what you want, and then you asking if you can “work in a set.” This means you have to reset the equipment to your specs, do your set, and then I have to reset the equipment back to my specs to do my set, with the added bonus of you watching and judging me during the entire process. And then you want to do another set in between my set. NO. No this will not happen. Especially when there are about three either pieces of currently unused equipment that do the same friggin’ thing.

2) Don’t steal my wallet or I will castrate you.

3) Rack your friggen’ weights. Don’t just leave them laying all over the mat, so I can either trip on them, or am forced to wander around looking for the other 30 lb weight.

4) If you get up and walk away from a weight bench or a piece of equipment for several minutes, you have given up your rights to that item. You don’t have dibs on it. Even if you leave your dirty sweat towel on the seat. You can rest between sets without walking to the other side of the gym to converse with your other meat head buddies. If you do this, don’t be surprised if I take your equipment, and don’t act like I’ve done some major grievance to you.

5) Why are you wearing jeans at the gym? Stop it.

One thought on “Five rules for the gym

  1. Oh ick. People really do those things? What would Patti do if it happened to her? I can only imagine.

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