THE WONDER: A Woman Keeps a Secret

Point of Contention theatre company has announced their upcoming production of THE WONDER: A Woman Keeps a Secret by Suzanna Centlivre.

From their press release:

THE WONDER follows the story of the quick-witted Violante and her suitor, the dashing Don Felix. When Violante vows to shield her friend Isabelle (who happens to be Felix’s sister) from an arranged marriage – chaos ensues. Add in samba beats, swashbuckling, and one oddly placed Scotsman and our heroine soon finds herself in the middle of an uproarious scandal only Britain’s most controversial classical playwright could concoct.

Sounds like a rollicking good time!

However, I post this news mainly to share the stunning production artwork. I want this framed!

The Wonder

More information on THE WONDER can be found here.

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