A musical about Tupperware?

Last night Sarah and I caught opening night of the world premiere of Tupperware: An American Musical Fable.

I am reviewing this show for EDGEchicago.com, so I don’t want to give too much away here. But I did want to give this show some exposure, as it’s really — surprisingly! — very good!

The thing is, it’s not so much about Tupperware as it is about picking up the pieces after a drastic life change, looking in the mirror and discovering who you really are.

The fabulous Mary Hollis Inboden (her smile is so adorable!) plays Delores Bird Clark — a recently widowed 1950s housewife who soon learns that her husband’s army pension has fallen through, and she’s at a loss of what to do. Brownie Wise, played by the smooth Meg Johns, sweeps in to show her the empowered life one could lead selling Tupperware, turning Delores’ life — and her tight-knit neighborhood — upside-down.

The music by Julie B. Nichols is wonderfully tuneful, the book by James Asmus, Will Cavedo, and Andrew Hobgood is clever, touching and laugh-out-loud funny, and the small supporting cast shines. Small quibbles: act one needs trimming, the set is functional but ugly (great costumes, though!) and the cement cave of a venue is seriously lacking. But, whatever. The New Colony has delivered a winning new musical, that I hope has a life beyond this production. I had a great time!

Highly recommended! Check it.

2 thoughts on “A musical about Tupperware?

  1. Aw. That sounds wonderful. I remember seeing Inboden in Hubris’ Production of “Five Women Wearing the same dress,” and she absolutely ran away with the show!

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