Diva Friday: Beyoncé

I’ve been slacking on my Diva Friday obligations. So, let’s bring it back with a bang and celebrate that black bodacious R&B beauty: Beyoncé.


Beyoncé in full on Dreamgirls mode. And I’m seeing her tonight at the United Center! Excited!

Like I need to tell any of you who she is. I’m a relatively new fan, having joined her bandwagon after seeing her Deena Jones. She’s a stunning, poised woman, a very good singer, and — most importantly — she knows how to get her booty goin’. I love her concert DVD, The Beyoncé Experience. If you come over after I’ve had a few too many, I might play it for you and show you my moves. Also: I’m superjealous of her ever-present wind machine. I think we should all be equipped with such a device:


Fabulous, no?

Oh, and she’s super rich, too.

Knowles, 27, socked away an estimated $87 million between June 1, 2008, and June 1, 2009, riding a wave of music, movie roles, and lucrative endorsements, according to Forbes.com.

Beyoncé, let’s be friends — you and I. Whaddya say? I’ll even putta ring on it and pat your weave.

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One thought on “Diva Friday: Beyoncé

  1. About the wind machine, I totally agree with you. But, what are we to do?
    She’s a hell of a lucky girl… =D
    I admire her music so much, also her performances and her voice. Amazing!

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