Please, God, let this be true…

Musical legend Carol Channing has given her blessing to Johnny Depp’s gender-bending plans to portray her in a film.

She says, “It is not a new concept to me. Not at all. Men have been imitating me for as long as I can remember. In fact, most of the impersonations I have seen have had a five o’clock shadow.

Full article here.

6 thoughts on “Please, God, let this be true…

  1. Bacon dipped in chocolate, a 500 sq. ft. roofdeck full of tomato plants and lounge chairs, “The Outsiders” having an anniversary theatrical re-release and a yellow Datsun 240Z being given to me anonymously as a gift for “being such a good person.”

  2. Don’t do a Google image search for “Bacon dipped in chocolate.” All sorts of nightmare-inducing imagery will transpire as a result.

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