Things I’m thankful for

Lately, I’ve been in a funky mood, so it’s time to for a reminder, in no particular order:

Kurig K-cups: Easy, decent coffee. Isn’t that what life should be about? Just wish the friggin’ things were sold at more places than just Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Gator: I love him. He knows me better than anyone, and knows how to keep me sane. He also has smarts on this refinancing we have to do on our home to take care of this puke-inducing special assessment we have to pay to repair our building’s roof. Long story. He also does a dirty Donald Duck impersonation that never fails to make me laugh.

Toby and Alley: Though they pee on my clothes and puke on my furniture, I know they mean well. Who could ask for more devoted followers? I guess they have no other choice, since I control their food and water supply. And they’re super-cute.

My health: I’m relatively healthy compared to my peers, and I can run 5 miles without passing out. So, that’s good, right? I also have all my teeth, including a gold one.

My job: In all seriousness, I’m very happy to have a job in what I’m trained in, working with people whom I respect. I just wish the commute didn’t give me hives every time I thought about it. But that gives me more alone time with my Subaru.

My Subaru: I have a car. It gets me places. It gets through snow like a mo fo. I think the repair issues I’ve encountered are over for a while. Yes, I’m knocking on wood.

My parents: They love and support me, and they’re cool, smart people. I lucked out in this department.

My sister: Ditto. Also, she’s my best friend — and she can always find a killer deal.

My best friend Patty: Aside from all the qualities a best friend should have, she’s an awesome listener and an expert advice giver. She’ll assess the situation, and give you her patented matter-of-fact advice, free of snark or agendas. She’s also one of the funniest, most genuine and loving people I know.

My “Divas” compilation album: In 2001, I made a CD version of a mix tape, including all the big 11-o’clock numbers sung by Broadway divas I loved at the time. To this day, it remains my favorite CD, and I pop it in and sing along to it from beginning to end when in my car on the long commute home. Perhaps that explains why my Subaru keeps breaking down…

What are you thankful for?

2 thoughts on “Things I’m thankful for

  1. Wow, stop all the gratitude comments! Okay. I am grateful for my husband being awesome. I am grateful for getting older. I am grateful for the fact that I’ve realized getting older is something to BE grateful for, and not to fear! I am grateful that I’m finding ways to still have hope for the future. I am grateful that, certain opinions to the contrary, I know that I truly am one of the sanest people I know. I’m grateful my husband and I both have jobs. I’m grateful I have a son who is a good person, and easy on the eyes as well. I’m grateful I don’t have insomnia. Or asthma. That would suck.

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