My 9 to 5 cast recording review posted on

My first cast recording review is now up:

As many reviews have already noted, the new musical 9 to 5 is a fun, yet ultimately disappointing, effort. While I haven’t seen the show, based on the new Broadway cast recording, I can understand why.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy listening to this cast recording – I did. However, I don’t think I’ll ever need to listen to it again, as there are far better scores to listen to during those precious moments in my day to enjoy music.

This doesn’t mean I only enjoy Stephen Sondheim, Rogers and Hammerstein, Adam Guettel and the like. I love the scores to Legally Blonde, the Musical and Hairspray, for example. My tastes, as far as musicals go, are pretty eclectic. I wanted to like 9 to 5 more than I did.

Full review here.

2 thoughts on “My 9 to 5 cast recording review posted on

  1. “Many of my fellow musical theatre friends tell me I have to see the show to fully appreciate the score.”

    I say not true; I saw the show and can’t remember one song apart from the titular tune. The whole thing is utterly forgettable.

  2. hmm. I trust your opinion. Maybe I’ll see it if I can get tickets for the same amnt you did. As in free, right?

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