Jamie and Bob make Sondheim roll in his grave

What? Sondheim’s not dead? Sorry!

Proverbial grave, then.

me: btw: “Don’t you love farce” from Send in the Clowns sounds like “Don’t you love arse”
Jamie: Don’t you love farts?
me: My fault, I fear?
Jamie: I thought that you’d smelt what I dealt.. sorry, my rear!
I kill me
me: Wow.

Also – a shout out for Jamie’s play, which opened last night. Go here for more info. Due to my crazy schedule, I can’t make it until closing night. Bummer. But you should all check it out. Word is it’s really good. And short! Only an hour.

One thought on “Jamie and Bob make Sondheim roll in his grave

  1. Steve’s got a good sense of humor…and who doesn’t love a fart joke!!

    I saw Nervous Boy last night…totally go see it everyone! Jamie did a BRILLIANT job with it.

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