“Rock of Ages” at Drury Lane Water Tower?


Chicago Tribune‘s Chris Jones hinted in his August 27 “The Theatre Loop” posting that the surprise hit Broadway musical, Rock of Ages, might find a home at Drury Lane Water Tower.

Water Tower has been quiet this summer. Hershey Felder, the pianist and showman, has rented the space this fall (Peter Gallagher will perform his one-man show on off nights). Thereafter, DeSantis will likely partner with Broadway in Chicago on bookings. “They have the clout,” he says, “to get the kind of shows there that will work.” “Rock of Ages” is one possibility.

I’m excited, as ROA looks like a good time. However, could it suffer the same fate as the Chicago production of Xanadu, which opened and closed there before you could say “Don’t Walk Away.” (Read my quasi-review of Xanadu at Drury Lane Water Tower here.)

Of course, it’s all still rumor and conjecture…

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