Another reason Ravinia ain’t for sissies: part 2

The Tribune has reported on another installment of crazy Ravinia antics. Remember this one from last year?

Ravinia concertgoers booted for wild dancing

Two people were kicked out of a concert at Ravinia in Highland Park for dancing too exuberantly, police said.

The man and woman were dancing and “intoxicated and bumping into people” during the G. Love & Special Sauce/Michael Franti & Spearhead twin bill Thursday night, police said.

“They were just enjoying the concert a little too much, and they got to the point where they were interfering with others,” said Highland Park Police Cmdr. George Pfutzenreuter.

Someone called security on the couple, and they were asked to leave, Pfutzenreuter said. The man complied, but Alexandra Thomas, 32, refused, according to police, who were brought in for reinforcement.

When they tried to escort her out, she “made physical contact” with the officer, who placed her under arrest for trespass and disorderly conduct, police said. [full article here]

Ok, aside form the ridiculousness of this story, how can one be charged with trespassing for being on a lawn for a concert you bought a ticket to? How?

One thought on “Another reason Ravinia ain’t for sissies: part 2

  1. Oh geeze. If it ain’t classical/musical theater (or the Indigo Girls), I’m steering clear of Ravinia. I saw (heard?) Blues Traveler there a handful of years ago and was super annoyed by the mass of drunken 14 year olds who were stumbling around the grounds the entire time. Ick.

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