New EDGE review: Sunday in the Park with George

I enjoyed this production, and applaud this neighborhood troupe for taking on such a difficult piece and executing it respectfully. It’s by no means the best production of Sunday I’ve seen, but for $14 a ticket (via Hottix and Goldstar), it’s worth checking out.

Sunday in the Park with George is an ambitious work. Not only do Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics) and James Lapine (book) address the highly personal process of creating art, they explore the sacrifices one makes in gaining professional, artistic and commercial success in its development.

. . .

Village Players small-scale production works hard, and in many ways, succeeds. To provide some context around this review, I would classify this production as upper-tier civic theatre.

[Full review here]

Village Players cast of "Sunday in the Park with George"
Village Players cast of "Sunday in the Park with George"

3 thoughts on “New EDGE review: Sunday in the Park with George

  1. I’m glad you got a chance to check this out. Kevin Long directed a gigantic community theater production of Ragtime I was in back in 2004-2005. I was very impressed by his directing skills, his wonderful personality, and his ability to wrangle 40+ men, women and children throughout the entire ordeal. I recommend him highly.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Lindsey.

    His Sunday was very well directed — I can’t imagine he had much time to assemble this complex show.

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