Piazza: take two

I visited Marriott Theatre’s The Light in the Piazza one more time this evening. I enjoyed it just as much as opening night.

Mary Ernster is still demonstrating the art of building a masterful, slow crescendo. Summer Smart seems to be having a bit of vocal difficulty with the score, but she remains very effective in her role.

However, Max Quinlan simply steals the show. Aside from his acting gifts, the quality of Quinlan’s voice is one rarely heard in musical theatre.

The dancing/dancers used throughout are even more distracting and poorly thought-out than I recall.

Music direction seems much improved, and from where I was sitting, sound mix was more natural. Still wish the musicians were out in the open, and not in some glass booth.

Go. See it. It’s playing through Sept. 20. http://www.marriotttheatre.com/

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