Chicago gets its Billys

Following a multi-month, nation-wide talent search, Tommy Batchelor, Giuseppe Bausilio and Cesar Corrales have been cast as the trio of rotating Billys for the Chicago sit-down production of Billy Elliot the Musical.

The megahit Billy Elliot begins performances on March 18, 2010 at Chicago’s Ford Center for the Performing Arts, Oriental Theatre before embarking on a multi-city tour. However, the hope is it will catch on like Wicked and stay here for a while, while another production actually tours.

Cesar Corrales, Giuseppe Bausilio and Tommy Batchelor take a leap in front of Buckingham Fountain
Cesar Corrales, Giuseppe Bausilio and Tommy Batchelor take a leap in front of Buckingham Fountain

From the recently issued press release:

Tommy Batchelor, 14, is currently playing ‘Billy’ on Broadway in rotation with David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik and Kiril Kulish. Tommy is a native of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and made his Broadway debut in the role of ‘Billy.’ He started his training at age four at Dance Factory in Minnesota and has starred in Miami City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker as well has having competed nationally in the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix. Giuseppe Bausilio, 12, was born in the Swiss capital of Bern and began his ballet training at age 4. He has performed with the State Theatre of Bern in Coppelia, as well as in the operas Mazzepa and Falstaff, among other roles. Giuseppe has won numerous awards for competitions in the US and Europe. Cesar Corrales, 13, was born in Mexico before moving to Montreal with his family. At age 4 he performed with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Madama Butterfly. Among his other credits, Cesar placed first at the Coupe Quebec gymnastics competition in 2008, the same year he joined Canada’s National Ballet School. More than 1,500 boys auditioned for the role of ‘Billy.”

2 thoughts on “Chicago gets its Billys

  1. Tommy Batchelor is 14. That seems on the older side to be a Billy, doesn’t it? Though I’m sure he’s brilliant, I’m sure the producers are waiting with baited breath for his voice to start dropping.

    Maybe in 25 years there’ll be a documentary about the Billys like there was about the Annies! And we can hear how they did poppers onstage!

    1. Good point regarding Batchelor.

      I can’t wait for the revealing documentary! However, I bet the first Billys from the West End are now, what, 18? They can tell their stories.

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