LuPone is Annie Oakley at Ravinia in 2010

Chris Jones reports that Patti LuPone will play Annie Oakley in a concert version of Annie Get Your Gun at the Ravinia Festival in 2010.

Brian Stokes Mitchell will be her Frank Butler, and Lonnie Price will direct the semi-staged concert.

Price directed LuPone in a one-night only concert of AGYG (yay acronyms!) at the Vivian Beaumont theatre in 1998 opposite Peter Gallagher. Rumor is she was gunning (yay puns!) for the show’s soon-to-be-produced revival and that the benefit concert was a fancy audition. However, the Weisslers went with the more commercially viable Bernadette Peters instead.

Rosie featured LuPone and Gallagher on her daytime talk show following the acclaimed concert at the Vivian Beaumont. It’s an often-played camp clip at gay bars during showtune video evenings — for the various and obvious reasons evident from the clip below:

11 thoughts on “LuPone is Annie Oakley at Ravinia in 2010

  1. Annie Oakley was in her sixties? Awesome. Poor Loops, always getting passsed over for Bernadette – though at least she has a Rose Tony to wave in La Peters face.

  2. i miss rosie’s old talk show :*(
    that was my first real introduction to musical theater, i’m so grateful for that

    1. Growing up in northern MI, Rosie’s show was a God-send. It helped me feel connected to Broadway — especially with internet still something of a commodity.

      1. exactly!
        i remember asking friends if i could log in to aol with their accounts so i could go on rosie’s live chats she’d have, lol

      1. i suppose that is daytime talk show appropriate… afterall, rosie had her fair share of god awful pantsuits! i love how she talks about them now, with a sarcastic roll of her eyes

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