Quote of the day: Cherry Jones

The incomparable Cherry Jones

Cherry Jones, two-time Tony Award winner and recent Emmy nominee for 24, speaks to Jeremy Egner of Arts Beat.

In fact, I’ve been staying at [West Wing star] Allison Janney’s house in California while she’s been in New York doing 9 to 5. I joked the other day that I probably got this Emmy nomination because I’m surrounded by so many Emmys here at Allison’s. I mean, they’re growing on the trees here! She’s got them discreetly tucked away but I found them. [Laughs]

And this:

Q: Are you going to the Emmy Awards?

A: Look, I’m a tourist. I’m a tourist in Hollywood and I want the full ride. So I went down to Neiman Marcus and I got myself a dress and I got myself a pair of shoes. The gals from the show are going to do my makeup. I’m going to go like Cinderella to the ball. Harry Winston is letting me borrow a pair of earrings; I’m just going to go do the whole magilla. I’m 52 years old and I’m probably not going to have many more opportunities like this. Renée Fleming let me borrow one of her tulle stoles to wear around my shoulders. So I really do feel like Cinderella. It’s going to be fun.

Full interview here >>

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Cherry Jones

  1. I have never seen Cherry Jones on stage…but I’ve seen her in the theatre as a patron and let me tell you that’s just as exciting because knowing how great she is practically enough.

    And I didn’t realize La Diva is loaning out her tulle – I’ll have to get in on that.

    1. La Diva loaned me her iPod shuffle last week. Mine took a shit.

      I saw Ms. Jones in “Doubt” when it toured with her in it a few years ago. Ms. Streep holds nothing on her.

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