…the hell?

I’m included in several theatre distribution lists, so I get sent a lot of interesting announcements and press releases (and spam).

However, this one caught my eye, and I felt it my duty to share:

Theatre A L’Orange will present the World Premiere of THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN, an absurdist re-imagining of the Mary Shelley classic by Ilya Sapiroe. Directed by Elizabeth Elkins, performances run October 1 – November 8 at 13th Street Rep (50 West 13th Street between 5th & 6th Aves.)

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN follows Anne, a lowly hermaphroditic Franken-girl with big dreams and an even bigger diary, as she comes of age in the attic of an abandoned genetics laboratory in Bavaria in 1945. After years of peaceful anonymity, Anne’s privacy comes to an end when her cruel and twisted creator, Dr. Gustav Frankenstein, returns to the defunct compound with an eye toward his most fiendish experiment yet – the resurrection of Adolf Hitler!

It goes on…

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN stars 3-time Glammy and HX Drag Queen of the Year nominee Mimi Imfurst (as Anne), and the legendary Bloolips drag performer Lavinia Co-Op (as the Diary), with Joseph Beuerlein, Geoffery Borman, Jessica Caplan, Eric Jaeger and Ryan Feyk (as the head of Adolf Hitler).

Wow. Just…wow.

I forwarded the announcement to some friends. My friend Beth, who’s Jewish, was so offended, she didn’t know where to start.

My friend Jamie wants to stage a Chicago premiere of the show.

Too bad this one is playing in NYC. I’d totally go see it. I mean, how can you NOT?

On a related note, Jamie found this The Onion article: Mamet To Direct ‘Anne Frank’

8 thoughts on “…the hell?

      1. I received an email about dinner specials at Panda Express. It’s more so weird because there is no reason why I should get emails from Panda Express.

  1. You left out the part of the release that points out that the playwright is Jewish. Which, you know, makes it all OK. I wonder if s/he is also a “lowly, hermaphroditic franken-girl,” which would make that part OK too?

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