New review on EDGE: The Fantasticks

Porchlight Music Theatre’s production of this classic musical was unexpectedly good. That’s not to say I wasn’t expecting it to be good, because the book and score are rock solid. However, the tone and direction were unexpected, and the result was good. Not great, but good.

I did feel the contemporary interpretations of Louisa and Matt were a little beyond what the show calls for — giving us eccentric, nerdy goofballs with sassy line readings when simplicity would do just fine.

However, it’s a beautiful production otherwise. A snippet of my EDGE review below.

Lust, loss, love. These universal themes have rarely been more imaginatively – and entertainingly – explored than in the record-breaking international hit, The Fantasticks.

And in director Sean Kelly’s new production, he has rethought this age-old fable without sacrificing its charm. Gone is the 1950s naiveté that permeates most other productions, and in its place comes a modern sensibility that illuminates the idea that “ever after” comes with a price.

Read the full review here >>

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